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Field Keeper perimeter security software is developed by NRJ Soft Ltd. and it is working together with controllers from the NRJ Base series, as well as with Paradox and Texecom security systems. The main purpose of the product is to provide reliable security for your property - manufactory, agricultural land, solar parks and even your backyard.
The system provides protection against burglary and vandalism as it sends a series of notifications or activates an alarm when detects vibrations or a movement.


Field Keeper ensures high reliability of your security system due to the multiple support of different types of sensors, such as:

  • Infrared barriers cover a large perimeter area at comparatively low cost. These sensors can be used to ensure protection of vents, windows, roofs and much more.
  • Connecting microwave barriers to the system provides a higher level of interference protection, but at higher price.
  • Volume sensors are an excellent solution for indoor security due to their relatively low cost and larger protected area.
  • Vibration sensors used to measure vibrations provide the most reliable protection for places with vaults, as well as for the entire storage boxes. These sensors indicate a possible attempt of breaking through the wall or vault (metal box).
  • Magnetic sensors, known as MUK, are very appropriate to protect doors and windows, as well as security grilles, as they immediately notify when detect any attempt to open them.

Any of these sensors can be connected to the security system controlled by our software Field Keeper. The images below show screens of the system that display violated zone in red. In addition, the system has option for alarm sound through computer speakers, activate sirens, send SMS notifications, display a real-time video signal from a camera associated to the respective zone and many more.


  • The system supports IP connectivity method;
  • Perimeter block scheme import;
  • Works with more than one security systems at the same time;
  • Exact localization of occurred violation/activated sensor;
  • Real-time graphic and sound alarm;
  • List of logs with all activated zones;
  • Reports by events, users, alarms;
  • Remote control of security systems.

You know exactly where to send security guards!

Besides all notification methods mentioned above, Field Keeper could be integrated with a video surveillance system and control of remote and PTZ cameras. The software directs a preliminarily specified camera to the affected area part of the protected perimeter. Thus, in addition to real-time intrusion notifications, the user receives live video preview or recorded videos of the potential infringer, which could be used for analysis or even as an evidence afterwards.

Field Keeper perimeter security software also supports a detailed list of all events that have occurred, both alarm and system - perimeter violation in a given area, loss of connection with the controller and many others.

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