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Frequently Asked Questions

Access Control and Working Time Reporting System


Why is Access Control Important?

If you want to be sure that people who are trying to reach your property are actually authorized to access it, then this solution is just for you. Access control and time reporting system guarantees that users are those who they say and have permissions for access and actions they want to perform.

Which Model is Right For Me?

Not everyone has a critical need for strictly applied access control system. Our solution is enough flexible to be configured according to the needs of any organization with option for upgrade anytime. Contact our specialists to discuss the most appropriate model to suit data type and sensitive Information you will process.

Do I Need a Preliminary Plan of the Place When Building the Security System?

When planning access control system, the most important is to analyze the physical space of the object. The identification of vulnerabilities will affect the choice of locking mechanisms, type of doors, required number and position of cameras, readers and roles of access points.

Integration With Other Security Systems?

To achieve maximum security in every possible aspect, the system could be combined with other security and video surveillance systems, fire protection systems, alarm systems, movement detectors and different sensors for lighting, temperature and perimeter security.

How Can I Quickly Create Work Schedules?

We offer an additional module that will allow you quickly to import needed information from a preliminarily filled in Excel table with shifts for future periods for each employee/s from particular department/s. Another additional functionality is automatic shift distribution. Initially, when someone checks at the entrance, the system will not register which shift the employee is assigned to. This will become clear when the employee checks at the exit and at least 4 hours have passed since the end of his shift. Then the system automatically calculates which of all the defined shifts corresponds to his working time and sets it in the schedule.

I Forgot to Register at the Entrance/Exit or I Forgot my Access Card. What Can I Do Now?

The software provides option to start or end manually working time if someone has forgotten his card (chip). For this purpose, you need to have the respective rights. The functionality also provides report to view all manually done corrections.

Can I Automatically Receive Periodic Reports?

We offer an additional module called "Configuration of e-mail schedule". If you have a license for this module, you can send an unlimited number of email notifications with all needed reports – automatically generated and sent reports every month, week or day to one or several email accounts. The user can specify what reports to receive: Chronological report, Work time report, Late/Early report, Form 76, Form 19, Attendance/Absence Report. The report can also be generated for a specific department/s.

Expert Advice

If any system problem occurs, no matter how trivial it may seem, do not try to solve it yourself. You risk not only damaging the entire system, but also losing important information forever. Our experts are available for any questions and assistance.



Video Surveillance


Why You Need Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Systems?

There are various factors that determine the need of video surveillance system. The most common purpose is security and protection of the office, warehouse, shop, cafe, production base, parking lot or at home. Another reason that we figured out is to control and motivate employees. Third, we consider the care of our relatives, usually the elderly ones. But the main reason for most people is to protect their property. In addition, it has been proven that people behave differently because they know they are being watched and they follow the rules very strictly.

How to Summarize All the Expenses?

Often clients contact us and ask to install a video surveillance system because they have already been robbed or another object nearby has been attacked. The cost of a professionally built video surveillance system is often cheaper than damages or stolen goods and money. And the troubles that arise later just cannot be valued. In addition, video surveillance systems not only record a picture, but also analyze it and respond to preset commands.

What Does the Video Surveillance System Include?

In order to build video surveillance system, in addition to your cameras, you also need video servers to supply cameras and save records. These devices allow users a remote preview of real-time streaming. A power cable is used to connect cameras with video servesr, as well as another types (coaxial, FTP or UTP, etc.) to send the video signal. Connecting elements - baluns, fumi, couplings, etc. are also required. Depending on the object type, it may be necessary to use cable ducts, corrugated pipes or other fasteners.

What is the Minimum Number of Cameras Required for Greatest Security?

Each individual client has specific requirements. Therefore, the best practice is our specialists to visit your object first and advise you which solution is the most suitable and profitable for you.

Will it Cost Me Anything to Call a Specialist From NRJ Soft to Inspect My Object?

No, all visits by our specialists are completely free.

Which Are the Best Places for Security Cameras?

Once you decide to install video surveillance system, the first question that arises is where exactly to position them. So, you need to estimate the most vulnerable points in your property and where “unexpected guests” could break through. Another essential aspect is that the cameras should be mounted so they cannot be broken or damaged. At the same time, it is recommended to be visible from a big distance to warn the thieves, but they couldn’t be able to reach them.

Can CCTV Cameras "See" in the Dark?

NRJ Soft offers a wide range of video surveillance equipment including cameras that use infrared (IR) technology which allows them to see even in total darkness. The only difference in the night vision is that the picture is black and white, but still clear enough.

Do CCTV Cameras Support 24/7 Continuous Recording and How Much Memory of Video Server is Needed?

Security cameras have special sensors that detect any type of movement. When the camera detects motion, then it sends the event to the server to start recording in order not to occupy unnecessarily memory of the video server.

How Long Do Security Cameras Store Footage?

Here again, every installation is strictly individual and a few things must be considered - number of cameras, movement intensity, resolution of used cameras, amount of recording space available, etc. In general security camera footage is stored for up to 20 days, as permitted by law, but the amount of time could be changed according to the client's needs.

Can I Remotely View Live and Recorded Video from My Security System and Will It Cost Me Anything Extra?

All video surveillance systems offered by NRJ Soft provide remote viewing and playback features. No additional fee incurs. The only condition to use this option is to ensure Internet connection with static IP address (also known as fixed IP address) or mobile connection at the place where video server is located with specialized application software on the computer from which you want to view live and recorded video.

Integration With Other Security Systems?

Video surveillance systems can be combined with access control and working time reporting system. This leads to a very effective and completed system for authorization and staff management. The use of video surveillance, access control, perimeter security and the combination of different sensors in an integrated solution provides strong attack counteraction and increases security.

Expert Advice

Each object has its own specifics. Even if you have already chosen a particular solution, contact our experts for preliminary consultations to build a professional and reliable video surveillance system.

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