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Security Systems

NRJ Soft Ltd. builds highly reliable systems for video surveillance and access control, which will increase the security at your place and will improve efficiency of your employees. We use high-quality professional equipment. Our company's competitive advantage when choose us as a partner is our long professional experience, including timely response to customer inquiries, providing quality work and superior customer service.

We offer security systems, including video surveillance cameras, used to protect your object and help deter shoplifting and employee theft. It can also prove valuable when trying to document crimes and injury claims by customers or employees.

All software and hardware solutions offered by NRJ Soft Ltd. provide notifications anywhere and anytime, including mobile devices. In this way you will have continuous monitoring and control over your property.

Call us now at +359 888 668 688 for a free consultation with one of our specialists.

Our security systems guarantee reliable protection of your property. All of our technicians have extensive experience in providing our customers with the best access control and video surveillance systems and technical support. Both for business organizations and private homes, security systems have become more popular than ever.

Using the security solutions of NRJ Soft Ltd., you can be sure your business or home is safe!

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