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LPR Traffic Analysis Software

NRJ Soft Ltd. developed its own LPR solution for private access control, residential, travel and urban security. The system provides easy and intuitive user interface for viewing and searching numbers of wanted vehicles, as well as many more useful settings and reports.

Features of the LPR system:

  • The license plate recognition (LPR) cameras capture the registration number of any vehicle that enter or leave the field of view of the camera any time of the day or night;
  • Calculation of average speed in a given section between two cameras;
  • Filter for exceeded speed limit;
  • Traffic analysis;
  • Search in database of wanted vehicles;
  • Multiple user settings and calibration;
  • Supports multiple accounts and various administrative access privileges;
  • Supports predefined lists of wanted vehicles with e-mail and SMS notifications.


Traffic by dates:

  • Number of registered vehicles for a period of two weeks from the current date backward;
  • Reports in tabular format or graphical view.


Traffic by hours:

  • Number of registered vehicles by hours;
  • Report for a past period of 24 hours;
  • Date selection;
  • Reports in tabular format or graphical view.


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