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Security and Alarm Systems

Installing security and alarm systems ensures the safety of your most valuable asset. It is a reliable way to protect objects without human intervention. Their purpose is to prevent malicious access.

Benefits of using security and alarm systems:

  • Total control over your property.
  • Remote monitoring and management of the working process.
  • Video surveillance via the Internet.
  • Greater security and peace of mind.
  • Competitive prices and high quality customer service.
  • Option for integration with a video surveillance system.

How can we help you?

However, if you want to be sure that the offender will be caught and take responsibility as a consequence of his wrongdoing, video surveillance systems can provide this. Specialized servers save records from each camera when motion is detected by their sensors. Thus, thanks to these records, you will be able to trace the crime and identify the offender.

We offer free consultations about implementation and efficiency of security and alarm systems, as well as a quick calculation of the costs for such a security system.

In this way you can also help the law enforcement when describing and tracing the suspects for shorter time and greater assurance.

In this regard, NRJ Soft Ltd. often is between the client and law enforcement, offering assistance in crime investigation and prevention, providing records and necessary documents.

The best choice: A combined security solution

Of course, the best solution is to combine two or more security systems.

For example, the combination of access control and video surveillance systems gives you the peace of mind that any attempts to commit offense will be detected and you will be immediately signalized by the system, which will allow you a timely response.

NRJ Soft Ltd. develops its own software and hardware for integrated access control systems, which allows complete integration between the access control and video surveillance system and their faultless operation, providing you the ideal solution for your safety and calmness.

Call us at +359 700 13 007 for free consultations with one of our security experts concerning questions about analog video surveillance, IP-based video surveillance or security systems.

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