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CCTV Systems

Role of security cameras in our daily lives

There are various factors that determine the need of video surveillance system.

The most common purpose is security and protection of the office, warehouse, shop, cafe, production base, parking lot or at home. Another reason that we figured out is to control and motivate employees. Third, we consider the care of our relatives, usually the elderly ones.

The reason! The main reason for most people is to protect their property. These people usually own small, medium or large business. They invest in effective video surveillance system that helps deter shoplifting and employee theft. Sometimes even the presence of security cameras is enough to give up thiefs.

The question! Why risk being revealed when there are other places without security cameras.

It has been proven that people behave differently because they know they are being watched and they follow the rules very strictly. There is great psychological factor when people know their actions are recorded. This affects both the thieves and employees to their responsibilities and obligations.




Useful tips to consider when buying a video surveillance system

  1. While there are a lot of different types of video surveillance systems on the market, choosing the most appropriate one may be quite a difficult task. Seeking for the best proportion quality/price according to your needs and budget, we strongly advise to invest in a small, but quality system at the beginning with options to add more cameras afterward than buying a large number of cheap cameras that could cause problems later on. Their usage is also important - for outdoor or indoor installation. This is very important because the requirements for installation are different.

  2. First clearly define the purpose of the security system you need. Consider factors as home or business security, specific goods you need to protect, size of the area. This will help you to determine the scope of the video monitoring. Another thing to have in mind is whether the system supports upgrade and you can easily expand the perimeter of the protected area in the future. To add more cameras, it is important to choose a multi-channel DVR in advance.

  3. Right after you decide what you want to achieve with your video surveillance system, you need to think about places where to install the security cameras. Depending on whether the cameras will be outside, exposed to atmospheric impact or vandalism, it is recommended to choose cameras for outdoor installation. They are specially designed to withstand breakage attempts and extreme weather conditions (meeting the requirements of the IP66 standard).

  4. After resolving what is your purpose and where to install security cameras, you need to consider the need of infrared (IR) security cameras. They are able to take pictures at night, in conditions of low or no lighting. It depends on the number of LEDs. If you need night vision at a greater distance, choose cameras with stronger backlight or those equipped with the new matrix LEDs.

  5. If you are acquainted with CCTV technology, you can set up your system alone. But if you are like most people, you will probably need professional help. The safest option is the installation and initial configuration of your system to be carried out by our technicians or at least they will mount the hard drive and set up the video recorder. This way you will avoid errors and troubles. You can also call us for instructions if you encounter any difficulties.


If you are not sure about your choice or you need assistance to make your decision, do not hesitate to contact the specialists and engineers of NRJ Soft Ltd. We are available with no commitment to purchase.

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