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The Sun - source of life


Each of us is affected by the increased fuel and electricity prices. Then we start thinking about green energy.

Today we face the following questions: how to generate, store and use energy practically for home and other needs. Have you already considered owning an electric car?

We provide opportunities that can entirely change the way you extract, store and utilize energy for personal or commercial purposes.

You can see on the photo one of our completed projects in Ruse region. The EV charging station uses energy produced by the solar roofs of the house. Moreover, the whole house has significantly lower electricity costs due to the installed solar panels by the NRJ Soft specialists.

Solar panels allow us to use this valuable and available for everyone inexhaustible source - the Sun. The result is: closed cycle of consumption for the household, including the charging station. All technologies we are using daily - phones, watches, electric cigarettes to the cars require electricity, but it depends on you to sensibly reduce your  electricity costs.

Our company is also specialized in installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. As you know, numbers of charging stations and electric vehicles continue growing rapidly, but more and more the wave is pushing us towards an electric car.

Undoubtedly, the investment in green energy is not little at all, but it is worth and benefits are seen almost immediately.

We are ready to answer each question from any electric car owner or entrepreneur who wants to install a charging station in his property or business objects such as hotels, shops, cafes, pharmacies, restaurants, gas stations and others. Also you will receice an individual project according to your wishes, needs  and capabilities.

If you want to turn your electricity consumption in smart decision by reducing energy costs, call us at +359 700 13 007.

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