red point Parking System

NRJ Parking System is suitable for all different types of parking lots near shopping malls, corporate centers, offices, residential buildings and many more. It is developed for fully automated access control and payment operations in open and closed parking areas with or without an operator.

The advantages of its implementation are:

  • No limit on the number of entry and exit terminals;
  • Various modules according to the client needs and requirements;
  • Option for subscription payments;
  • Reports in real time;
  • Reports about total stay duration;
  • Quick generation of reports by registration numbers;
  • Reports about not paid/outstanding services - displays information about all cars that have not paid yet for their stay;
  • Statistics and reports for incoming/outgoing traffic;
  • Information about the current state of parking capacities;
  • Online monitoring of the entry/exit areas and visualization from preliminary installed cameras;
  • Easy installation.



Automated parking system



Automated parking system with UHF RFID reader

The first variant is suitable for parking in separate open or enclosed areas that are built specifically for this purpose and due amounts can be paid either at a special terminal near the parking area or to the operator. Payment options are: by parking tickets, a prepaid subscription plan or free sales according to the stay duration. The identification of the respective vehicle is realized by our automated LPR (License Plate Recognition) system or can be entered manually by the operator. This is extremely comfortable model for short-term paid parking zones in big cities with heavy traffic, because it saves valuable time.

The variant with UHF RFID reader has a wide range of usage in many different places. It is especially suitable for:

  • Private car parks;
  • Hotels;
  • Universities;
  • Business corporations and administrative buildings;
  • Hospitals and medical centers.

Parking is performed by using an RFID card or UHF sticker in restricted areas where barriers provide access to vehicles. There are various subscription schemes, free business cards or hourly paid parking. Payment is executed directly at the exit of the parking lot. Due amount is calculated from the entry time recorded in the system and payments could be accepted through a payment terminal or operator. Here it can also be combined with our automated LPR (License Plate Recognition) system.

Automated parking systems increase the collection rate and make easy accounting of the amounts owed by all cars, reduce the staff required to service one parking lot, and significantly optimize time for parking. Moreover, in combination with video surveillance system, they guarantee maximum control and respectively reduce the number of crash incidents and thefts.

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