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NRJ Soft participated in the 9-th Automobile Exhibition in Ruse


For a period of three consecutive days from September 9 to September 11 this year, the 9-th automotive exhibition in Ruse presented the latest car models on the market.

Visitors of the event had the opportunity to take a close look at the exposed models and to test-drive them. Our electric vehicle, Tesla Model 3 Performance drew huge interest from the public. The welcoming sales representatives of NRJ Soft showed them the interior of the car and familiarized them with the new technological advantages. They managed to answer all questions regarding its battery consumption, the charging locations, the time it takes to charge, etc. We also presented our latest series of ultra-efficient and usable charging stations, suitable for both domestic and communal zones.

Apart from our intelligent parking solutions, we presented the recently highly-demanded service for the design and construction of photovoltaic systems. People could see and touch a solar panel and were able to receive a personal consultation regarding the power supply of their houses, villas, hotels, garages and even caravans. We were able to give advice about the mounting orientation, the exploitation, maintenance and predictive calculations. Considering the high costs of electricity and natural gas on the free market and the potential problems with the supply of basic commodities in recent months, many businesses were faced with the difficult question of sustaining themselves on the market. Respectively, the new motivation of a sizeable part of Bulgarian households and businesses is in seeking an alternative through the investment in photovoltaic systems, enabling them to reduce their electricity costs.

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