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You can fully trust us for the construction of safe and functional parking lot or when you need to optimize your parking area. Trying to satisfy the needs of our current and potential clients, we offer flexible and complex solutions which meet the most challenging tasks related to loading, budget, functionality, terrain specifics and other requirements. The main purpose of such system is to organize and automate the flow of cars in the parking areas, as well as to improve the entire service and payment operations.

The system may include the following components:

  • Barrier(s);
  • Entry parking column;
  • Exit parking column;
  • Payment terminal;
  • Controllers to manage cardholders, including their access, cards and identification;
  • UHF RFID reader;
  • UHF stickers.

Automated parking systems improve the space efficiency and security of a parking structure, save time and ensure fast and convenient parking.

Additional features:

  • Control of incoming and outgoing cars;
  • Reports for crossing traffic;
  • Reports from the Paystation with all payments for a specified period of time;
  • Generation of unlimited number of tariff plans working simultaneously and independently of each other according to the user needs;
  • Usage of reusable access cards in connection with European practices for environmental protection;
  • Online monitoring and visualization of entry/exit zones.

In order to be sure in the quality of all products that we offer, we are producer of the entry/exit parking columns, as well as the payment terminals. The barriers we use in most of our parking lots are from our exclusive partners, who have proven their quality over the years on the Bulgarian and European market.

The specialized management software for parking lots is entirely developed by NRJ Soft and could cover a large range of different requirements and tasks which are specific to each client. From scanning the access card and saving automatically the vehicle registration number into the system to issuing cash receipts and fiscal reports for a definite period.


Registration number recognition system

The LPR (License Plate Recognition) system makes managing your car parking easier. By pressing only a few buttons you can organize a list of cars that are not allowed (Black List) or allowed without showing access card (Subscription) by capturing and reading their license plates from a camera that our specialists have installed at an ideal angle. The system automatically recognizes the registration number, regardless of light conditions, reduced visibility or partial dirt.


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