red point School Bell Management Software

The NRJ School Bell software is developed to control ringing of the bells. It is suitable for all kinds of schools that would like to automate their sound system.

The software is playing sounds at specified times. It allows precise settings for each day and hour of the week. Once you set the software it controls the bell ringings. The hours of ringing a bell are set according to a weekly schedule and could be changed at any time. The ringtone is default setting. If you wish, you can select melodies in WAV or MP3 format for beginning and end of class. User can switch to manual ringing the bell in case of emergency. Alarm mode is also supported for emergency situations.

It consists of the following main menus:

  • Classes menu - sets school schedule for the whole week with option for each day to enter different number of classes and at different times. The schedule for each day has to be separately created.
  • Bell menu - the bell is set to ring automatically 5 minutes before the beginning of each class. This menu is operated manually by user who has access to it.
  • Bell Settings menu - user can select a ringtone from this menu. When click one of the buttons, a window appears. You can keep the default melody or select another melody.

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